Being in Mexico

I am super happy for being back in my home country to live and work here and learn more about it!.

Impact investing means the possibility of creating a life with a purpose.

We work not only with the purpose of making a living (or it might be better to ask what “to make a living” means for each of us -you might want to follow the discussion started by Etsy´s founder). We live while we work so why not making our work experience something we are thrilled about as we want to make the time we spend when we are on vacation or when we are with family and friends?. I can not agree with seeing our jobs as something separated from the fun of life because it implies that we haven´t learnt to value our own lives.

Of course, we have the opportunity to enjoy our jobs no matter the type of organization we work at… The problem as I see it is that many organizations (especially businesses but not only businesses) have lost the sense of their value to the purpose of profit. Employees get disconnected from the purpose of their jobs and great corporations don´t measure their growth to the extend they preserve healthy ecosystems and the dignity of all the stakeholders they interact with.

Impact investing is an opportunity to measure organizations for the good they do beyond the profit they make. It is an opportunity to regain focus on the value of service and of relationships. An opportunity to redirect the flow of benefits only seen by about 1% of the world´s population to be enjoyed in a more balanced manner by each person in the way she/he wants (e.g. not only by getting the latest car model or pair of tennis shoes). Because, at the end, economic prosperity only can be enjoyed to the extend we can live safe, happy and healthy lives… and see that others around us do the same.

This is why I don´t see impact investing as an option but as the path to follow and I hope my experience as a FMS will help me to strengthen this position.


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