As I learn more about our natural resources I realize how urgent a change is needed and I whish right now I could call every big and small university and urge them to change the focus of all their programs to one based on sustainability. I whish I could call every government to create laws that right now prohibit the use of hormones and fertilizers in food and medicine. I whish I could switch the main template of facebook so that every page would maintain users informed right now about the main issues faced by our planet and communities and the way we can make contributions in real time. I whish I could, right now, have a way to transfer all the information I´ve read about the cruelty by which many populations are disappearing as their original modes of life also disappear. I whish,right now, I could stop the mind barriers of scientifics who stay sceptic and indolent to all the changes that are hapenning.

And here is when the fact of being directly involved with persons that are arising from their small communities and towns to propose healthier and more respectful ways of life becomes essential for me to realize that right now we are at a turning point. That, indeed, right now, there are forces that are pulling in both directions and that the change needed is progressively being reached.

I also remember very much what Jane Goodall said in one of her conferences: that one of the three main reasons why she has hope is the resilience she´s seen in men and their capacity to turn around from difficult situations. This is a hope I share!.

Roots creep underground everywhere and make a firm foundation. Shoots seem very weak, but to reach the light, they can break open brick walls. Jane Goodall


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