And still learning…

Every new opportunity to meet a social entrepreneur represents a great chance to be amazed about the resilience of human beings and…to feel thankful for this experience called life.

Also, it is an opportunity to come back to the essence of human beings, an essence which does not depends on where someone was born, or on the many or few resources a person had, or on its network of friends or family but…essentially… on its essence as human being. A human being with basic needs and with unsubstitutable talents,  capacity of amazement and inside beauty…

Everywhere, in its own  little piece of the world, there is someone fighting. Fighting for what they enjoy in life: the smile of a child, the piece of fruit that fills a stomach, the good moments with friends and family, the evening watching a favorite sport team. Fighting for accessing high quality education, high quality health systems, high quality food and whatever the best means of a person can afford.

Having many opportunities in our lives can make us forget that to millions of people around the world being in our place could  signify not less than winning the lottery. Therefore,…we might better live as if every part of our lives is a treasure. A treasure for us not to simply enjoy but, especially, to manage wisely and to better distribute it among the most  people around us. We are simply managers of the treasures given to us. Let´s ask God what was the reason, what good quality he could have seen on us, to put in our hands and not on someone else´s the big responsability of managing such treasure.

Also, I just watched this great Bono´s talk and I couldn´t finish this post without recording his final phrase:

We are going to win because the power of people is so much stronger than the people at power


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