Operation Pueblos Mágicos

The Mexican Torurism Council created the program called “Pueblos Mágicos”  (Magic Towns) to contribute to the reevalorization of the towns in México which have preserved their cultural and historical heritage.

Un Pueblo Mágico es una localidad que tiene atributos simbólicos, leyendas, historia, hechos trascendentes, cotidianidad, en fin MAGIA que emana en cada una de sus manifestaciones socio – culturales, y que significan hoy día una gran oportunidad para el aprovechamiento turístico.

Magic Town is a locality that contains symbolic attributes, legends, history, trascendental facts, customs, an inner MAGIC which emanates in each of its socio-cultural representations, and that nowdays represent a great option for tourism.

As mexican I feel compelled to travel through these enchanting places not only because of their touristic value but because they represent treasures of my country that I cannot miss. And, indeed, they´re a great excuse to travel through México!!.

So, I invite you to join me in this journey through the 64 Pueblos Mágicos.

The main guidelines I am using for planning my visits include the following:


México Desconocido

Mexican at heart

Atlas turístico de México


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