Think Environment!

Just a few facts about our impact on the environment that cannot be denied:

1. Oil is a non-renewable resource. Practically everything we do depends upon de availability of oil. No alternate source of energy has been found that can sustitute this resource without also depending on it for production.

2. Climate change is a reality which will cause places to disappear either due to flooding or droughts.

3. We all will suffer when this happens.

The question is what type of (near) future do big corporations envision for themselves given such facts? And countries? Why still these issues are not at the headlines of every major newspaper everyday?

Most probably Henry Ford didn´t even think about all this when he made mass production a reality.    Did he ever realized the cost for the environment against the benefits of shortening distances (mile distances obviously) between people? Did he envisioned  having an average of more than 2 cars per family and the great ecological footprint that this means?

What is true is that no matter the circumstances that made inventors in the past ignore environmental damage in the search for “progress” we should learn to rethink the effect that decisions can have when not taking into account the interconnections of our planet.

Moreover, we are in a truly urgent need for people proposing intelligent ways of living. People who search for sustainable ways of progress and who translate strong ethical values to the global stage.

Here is where the important role of social entrepreneurs comes in. Sustainable modes of life have to emerge at every corner of our world and need to be adopted by everyone. Will we do it on time to avoid collapse? Well, at least we´ll be better prepared for anything if we start envisioning and testing better alternatives now.

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