Black Friday resistance plan

Actually, now we know the reason why we don´t see headlines on oil crises or climate change!!


The hype around Black Friday is building. It’s reaching its annual fever pitch. Let’s compare it to something much less important to americans like “global warming”, shall we? Here we go:

Note how, as time passes, we become more interested in Black Friday and less interested in global warming.

How do you resist, if not the day itself, the next few weeks of crazy consumerism that is relentlessly plied? Lots of great ideas were posted here, when I first wrote about this. There will be more coming soon.

In the meantime, here’s one suggestion I have, which I use all the time to avoid over-buying stuff and which this Jane Brody article on hoarding reminded me of.

Mathbabe’s Black Friday Resistance plan, step 1:

Go through your closets and just look at all the stuff you already have. Go through your kids’ closets and shelves and books and toychests…

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