Scaling good

As a catholic, very early in my life I learnt about the Fruits of the Spirit. Among them, goodness has always been my favorite one!.

I´ve met so many good people in my life!

Being good is that virtue that simply breaks the sturdiest heart and makes it humble by witnessing the goodness performed by others. I think one of the best ways to become good is by witnessing people being good. I´ve seen professors that are truly good persons, also grandparents, artists, politicians, policy makers, church leaders… I don´t even remember the name of many of them but their good actions always come back to me. Their voice and semblance can move  multitudes and even criminals.

So many persons wake up every morning with no other purpose but that of doing good!. I feel that this century is that when goodness, kindness and other virtues will take the main stage of all activities of human beings. Compasion and empathy will be instilled in humanity as a whole.  Corporations doing good will take the lead of economies and their internal policies will be based not on productivity and competitiveness but on peace and service.

May God allow many good actions take place this year in every corner of the world!.

May the role of corporations be intertwined with that of social institutions to exponentially scale the fruit of goodness!.


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